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About Vantech Presim Technology
Who We Are??

Vantech Precision Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is a civil technological enterprise in Shenzhen. Its engaged in specialized production of metal etching, stamping and CNC parts. We adopt advanced production equipment and possess first-class technology. Our production technical level tops in the domestic market.

Our company has the specialized supply network. Its especially responsible for project orders in etching, electroforming, stamping, CNC, etc, and purchases of raw material.

Our products can be used in many aspects such as electron, hardware, home wiring, mechanism, communication, craftwork etc. Our factory have cooperated with TDK in Japan, Samsung in Korea, etc. We are able to design and produce different kinds of products according to demands of clients with advanced and mature technology.


We mainly supply metal heating film, IC L/F, metal meshwork, VFD meshwork, computer magnetic spring, mobile accessories, silver jigs, metal code plate, FPC patch steel plate, steel spring of printer etc. The main technologies include precise etching, precise stamping, precise mechanic processing, electroforming and so on.

Our factory have cooperated with many universities and excellent supplier in a variety of hardware projects in order to improve product technology. With many-year experience in etching profession, we constantly provide technical support for our business counterparts so that our products have been well received.

In order to guarantee the product quality, we begin with the purchase of raw material. We have achieved partnership with many metal material suppliers such as Japanese Metal Joint-stock Company, Japanese Ore Joint-stock Company, Japanese Fine Foil Company, Shanghai Shida Company.

ODM Project Services

The product material we can process includes: Stainless steel, copper, silicon steel plate, aluminum, nickel, magnetic material and so on.

Our products can be made without connection spots. They are burr-free and ultra even and dont have etching spots. The slight defect can be controlled in less 0.1 square millimeter/square decimeters.

Product thickness can be achieved between 0.01 to 1.5mm.

Product size can be achieved between 1* 1mm to 300* 500mm.

Smallest open holes diameter is 0.1mm.

Smallest line width is 0.025mm.

Product precision is 0.01mm (common difference). Its generally 20% of material thickness.

Product quantity we can provide 4000 square meters per month.

We also provide imported stainless steel thin belts with many kinds of models such as 301,304,430.

The thickness is from 0.01 to 0.5mm.

Main use: Etching, laser cutting, precise ramming and so on.

We hope we can cooperate happily!


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