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The Precision (and IR) Recommendation


Precision worked with International Rectifier to balance the trade-offs to develop the Inductor, Part #019-4120-00, a very high-performance inductor, met all of the 300 Watt circuit requirements of the IR 1150 Demo Board. It is capable of 100 kHz switching frequency, a  peak current of 6.2A  and a continuous RMS current of 3.8A. The low core loss and SRF were achieved by selecting the right core material and winding configuration.

This design also yields low audible noise and a minimal temperature rise. During the process some options were also considered, including a number of cost and performance variations. One of these includes a bias winding on the PFC choke to supply power for the PFC control circuitry.



Part Number: PI 019-4120-00

  • Designed for the International Rectifier IR1150 PFC Demo Board
  • 100 kHz Switching Frequency / 300 Watt Output
  • 6.2A Peak Current / 3.8S Max. RMS Current
  • High Performance Core C Low Loss, Small and Quiet
  • Low SRF
  • Lower Cost/Performance and Bias Winding options available on request
IR Demo Board

Electrical Specifications at +20C unless noted otherwise

Parameters Value Notes
Inductance (H) 810 8% 1-3 @ 100 KHz, 0.1V, 0A
Inductance (H) 469 Min. 1-3 @ 100 KHz, 0.1V, 6A
DCR  0.29 Max 1-3

Precision (and IR) Design Considerations

Key considerations include: Inductance, peak current, operating frequency, ripple current, physical size, temperature rise, audible noise and cost. The trade-offs in design are driven by the priorities of the application, this effects proper core selection, wire and winding configuration.

Part of Precisions design approach begins with listening to the customer and gaining a thorough understanding of their unique application needs. The approach continues with review of the design theory and device trade-offs, samples for design verification and a review of global manufacturing and delivery alternatives. The goal is to respond with solutions on a timely basis by clearly reviewing and understanding all key considerations.

A number of considerations are examined during Precisions design approach for PFC inductors:

1) Balanced Performance/Cost - Toroid Design Alternative. A lower performance core will provide inductance stability over the current range and achieve required inductance in the same physical package. This will increase the core loss and introduce the possibility of audible noise under high ripple current conditions.

2) Efficient Cost - Toroid Design Alternative. This design will produce low core loss with low temperature rise and good magnetostriction characteristics. Alternative core materials can yield a lower cost. A larger size may be needed to achieve the required inductance.

3) E-core Alternative: The variety of sizes and materials offer a wide range of form factors. Bobbin construction simplifies manufacturing and mounting to the PCB.

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